“i Just Knew When I Met Her That I Had Met Somebody I Could Fall In Love With, And It Was Easy To Fall In Love With Her.” A Few Months Later, They Were Exclusive.

December ’08 was not like December ’15, and Matt was freezing. But he wasn’t mad. “We found out we had a lot of things in common, like the way we were raised,” Ali said. He grew up in East Norriton, she in Allentown. “I remember the conversation was really nice and really easy, and at that point I realized, ‘Oh, I definitely want to hang out again.’ ” More dates followed, and things just got better. “He is so kind, so sweet, so understanding,” Ali said. “He became my best friend. And he is so compassionate. I love that about him.” The ease and joy of talking to Ali was important, and she is also very pretty, Matt said. “I just knew when I met her that I had met somebody I could fall in love with, and it was easy to fall in love with her.” A few months later, they were exclusive. How does forever sound? After graduating, Ali was hired at RSM US L.L.P. in Philadelphia, where she is now assurance supervisor. In June 2013, Matt, who is now 34, and Ali, now 29, got a place together in Old City. Ali has always spent Thanksgiving with her parents, typically driving to Allentown on the Wednesday before so she could catch up with friends from home. Matt always joined her at some point during the long weekend. But in late November 2014, Matt suggested a change in their routine. “Why don’t you stay around Philly another day, and we’ll drive up together on Thursday?” She agreed. Matt told her he’d made dinner reservations at Buddakan. After dinner, he suggested a walk.

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I Wonder Where She Got It?

Did somebody say open bar!? I need a drink stat. All these loved up couples are starting to make me sick. I want a husband! Or a fiance. Okay, even just a boyfriend would be nice. Ohhh, he’s handsome. But is that a ring on his finger I see? Yep, yep it is. Ugh. 6. OMG, the bride looks so beautiful. I love her dress! I wonder where she got it? I wonder where I’ll buy my wedding dress one day? Will I cry? Will the whole experience be like one big Say Yes To The Dress episode? Ah, a girl can dream… 7. I can’t wait for my own wedding one day! If only I could find the right person. Are there any cute boys here? Hey, they always say it happens when you least expect it, right? I mean, you never know… 8.

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And She Accomplished This With Only Three Days To Prepare For Opening Night.

Little did they know theyd be continuing the tradition as they approached the big 5-0. In addition to jokes revolving around bridezilla behavior and ugly bridesmaid dresses, there are plenty about reading glasses, weight gain, and other age-related issues. Much of the joke fodder is also related to the stereotypes the friends represent the sweet, happily married homemaker, the ambitious career woman, the oft-married bombshell, and the independent free spirit. Glenda Thurmond returns for her first LWLT directorial role since the 2011 production of The Miracle Worker. And she has her work cut out for her. Lame witticisms fly between characters, at times making their friendship seem tiresome rather than cherished. But this is more a flaw in the script than of the individual performances. Each woman in the cast has fine moments that transcend the cliche-ridden script. Amber Acree is endearing as the optimistic, happily married domestic goddess, Libby Ruth Ames, a wizard with a spray bottle, Lysol wipes, and bolts of material. Dorinda Morrison-Garrard and Jeanette Hughes have some high points of their own as the free spirit Charlie Collins and judge Deedra Wingate, respectively. Following a scintillating performance in Spreading it Around earlier this season, Donna Geils once again proves her comedic talent as the oft-married lounge owner Monette Gentry. Her antics while dressed as one of the more notable women in history were among the highlights of the show. Teresa Turner transformed Sedalia Ellicott, the Virginia hostess running the Laurelton Oaks wedding venue, from what could have been a banal character into a boisterous, no-nonsense ax-wielding departure from the stereotypical wedding planner. And she accomplished this with only three days to prepare for opening night. But the most enjoyable moments come from Ashlyn Cobb Morton as the champagne swigging narrator and new bride Kari Ames Bissette, daughter of Libby Ruth. Although Karis soliloquies sometimes bend to Southern stereotypes, Morton is spellbinding as the bride amuses the audience with her own wedding memories and tales from the older womens’ friendship. The personalities of the characters were heightened by costumes, from their wedding gowns to bridesmaid dresses chosen for each other to the clothes and footwear they are wearing upon arrival to each wedding. The set, designed by Thurmond, is well designed to accommodate antics by women in platform heels and big dresses while showing the nuances of a brides room in a wedding venue from the white chandelier and white lights strung across the ceiling to a full-length mirror along with a tux and wedding gown on display. The script calls for scene transitions to be brisk and lively. They were neither during Saturdays performance, but at least the lengthy changes were accompanied by recordings of well-known love songs that at times inspired an audience sing-along. Lighting can often make or break the effect of a show, and it definitely adds atmosphere to this one. Designed by Terry Loyd and Mike Baccus, the lighting provides a visual for the storm taking place outside the wedding venue and a spotlight during Karis soliloquies adds drama to them. While Always a Bridesmaid isnt one of the more interesting plays penned by Jones, Hope, and Wooten, it does have its moments thanks to a cast that brings more out of the script than the words alone convey. Ashlyn Morton, left, plays Kari and Amber Acree is Libby Ruth in Lake Wales Little Theatre’s production of “Always a Bridesmaid.” TheLedger.com January 19, 2016 5:32 PM

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans, says the perky young Southern bride before taking a sip of champagne. Well, I found out that day if you really want to make him double over and howl, tell him your wedding plans.

Such begins Always a Bridesmaid, a comedy about the trials and triumphs of love both in friendship and romance currently showing at Lake Wales Little Theatre.

The play opens with young Kari Ames Bissette, played by Ashlyn Cobb Morton, recounting her wedding and imparting her own nuptial wisdom: Expect the unexpected.

But there are few unexpected moments in this Southern comedy from playwriting trio Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten. Written in 2013, the play takes place over seven years as four 40-something women reunite to fulfill a youthful promise made in high school to be bridesmaids in each other’s weddings. Little did they know they’d be continuing the tradition as they approached the big 5-0.

In addition to jokes revolving around bridezilla behavior and ugly bridesmaid dresses, there are plenty about reading glasses, weight gain, and other age-related issues.

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Continued… See Full Story Dad owned the store for over 50 years, she said. He never met a stranger. He was always very friendly to everyone and loved to talk to and get to know the customers. Dad did so many weddings and funerals for the same families that it seems like we are part of many of the families in the area. He always loved his customers. When he wasnt working, Mr. Lobb was a big-time boater and also enjoyed jazz music, smoking cigars and his signature VO-and-water cocktails. VO is a brand of whiskey. He lived for travel, loved his family and his customers, Lobb-Larion said. In the early 1990s, a large contingent of the family rented a schooner and traveled the British Virgin Islands. They had shirts and a banner made, his daughter said. They renamed the boat and went everywhere in it. It was at least a 60-footer. They still talk about the trip to this day. It was a great trip that Im glad they were all able to go on. Mr.

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In August, Pagan Pleaded Guilty To Conspiracy To Distribute Methamphetamine.

For his Senate coworkers, he was the self-serious staffer who instructed party-minded interns on how to wear their gas masks. To some members of the Districts gay community, Pagan was a loyal but increasingly distant friend. To some other men around the D.C. area, Pagan was a sex partner, reliable drug connection, and, for one man, a key player in a cross-country drug trafficking scheme. As investigators led a drug dog through Pagans Sixteenth Street Heights home, they seized possessions that were less Senate staffer and more stash house. Pagan had hundreds of dollars in cash, a scale, and plastic bags sized for individual portions of methamphetamine. In his bedroom, Pagan kept methamphetamine in a safe. Under his mattress, investigators discovered more than 100 grams of pure meth. Pagans position in the Senate might have earned him a discreet search from investigators, but he was arrested anyway. Now Cochranand everyone else in his lifewould know about the drugs. Pagans arrest, characterized as the result of a sex-for-drugs scheme , earned media coverage from Politico to People magazine. Pagan was suspended from his position as Cochrans office manager. A statement from Cochrans staff described the senator as deeply saddened. In August, Pagan pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Now, as he faces years in prison at his sentencing this Friday, investigative and court records show how an intimate to one of Washingtons most powerful senators became a supplier in Washingtons drug-fueled party and play sexual lifestyle. In 1983, a semester-long Senate page internship in Cochrans Senate office offered the 16-year-old Pagan temporary respite from an abusive upbringing. When his semester ended, Pagan would face a return to closeted life in Biloxi. Instead of going back to Mississippi, Pagan asked Cochranthen a freshman senatorif he could work in the office for the whole school year. Except for a few years in the 1990s, Pagan would never leave again. Pagans work for Cochran extended off Capitol Hill. Cochrans daughter, Kate Cochran, recalls Pagan caring for her mother, Rose Cochran, as Rose began a decline that would put her in a nursing home for 13 years.

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Ideal For Groups And Weddings, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Santo Domingo Will Include 33,000 Sq.

In collaboration with All Inclusive Collection, the full service hotel, estimated to open in late 2017, will feature 400 hotel rooms and suites and a state of the art casino. “The Dominican Republic is the region’s most visited country and continues to be the top performing destination in the Caribbean. In fact, the country received 19% of the record number of 26.3 million visitors to the Caribbean region in 2014,” said Nelson Parker, vice president of casino development, Hard Rock International. “The decision to bring a full service hotel and the brand’s second Caribbean casino to the Dominican Republic is a testament to the country’s remarkable strength in tourism.” “We’ve had overwhelming success with our resort in Punta Cana, and are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Hard Rock International and introduce Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Santo Domingo,” said Frank Maduro, vice president of Marketing for All Inclusive Collection. “The vibrant atmosphere of the destination, matched with our luxury offerings and unique amenities, will make for an unforgettable and fun experience for all travelers.” Located in the heart of the city, the property will be home to a 23,000 sq. ft. casino, screening room, and a nightclub opening up to the main pool. The ultra-modern casino will feature two bars including Hard Rock’s signature Center Bar a race and sports book, high limit slots, 400 slot machines and 40 table games, offering Hard Rock guests a world-class gaming experience to remember. A private gaming room on the exclusive suite floor will be available for guests with select access. Ideal for groups and weddings, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Santo Domingo will include 33,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Additionally, the property will feature a Rock Star Suite and a Rock Royalty Level floor. Unlike past collaborations between Hard Rock International and All Inclusive Collection, this hotel will not be all-inclusive. The property will also provide many brand exclusive offerings, including a world famous Rock Shop home to Hard Rock’s legendary merchandise Rock Spa’s groundbreaking Rhythm & Motion treatments and the Body Rock gym. The Lobby Bar, located on the 4th floor, will offer guests signature cocktails, while the refreshing pool features a bar and grill, as well as plush cabanas. Along with a myriad of restaurants and bars including a cigar lounge and a celebrity-chef specialty restaurant hotel guests will enjoy convenient access to Santo Domingo’s main shopping center Blue Mall, home to the Hard Rock Cafe Santo Domingo.

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Now Local Vendors Are Stepping Up To Help Brides Who Booked Their Weddings At Tuscany Gardens By Offering Their Services For Free.

It, like, makes me sick to my stomach, because Im continuing to still pay on the loan that he has, and we contacted the bank, and theres nothing they can do at this point, Coy said. Florist Raelyn Boman was a regular vendor at Tuscany Gardens. Several checks Consolo wrote her for services bounced. Boman lost thousands of dollars as a result. Things were really, really unorganized, Boman said. When I would drop weddings off, he wouldnt really be there and Id go to get my checks and he didnt know where the checkbooks were. Now local vendors are stepping up to help brides who booked their weddings at Tuscany Gardens by offering their services for free. What that guy did is such a heartbreak, especially to the brides because theyre stressed out anyway, and we just want to make it better, said Paul Mitchell, a wedding DJ. Theyre meeting in Ogden Thursday night to discuss what they can do. I just hope that, you know, these brides can find another venue and they can still have their special day, Boman said. Most of the brides say while they’re happy so many people are stepping in to help out, they don’t think they’ll ever get their money back and feel their big days have been tarnished by such unspeakable acts. They say they just want justice for Consolo. Im completely heartbroken by it, Coy said. Im just hoping that we can get our money back. Wedding vendors interested in helping the brides affected by this scandal can contact Paul Mitchell with Americas Wedding DJ at (801) 731-9688.

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Bridalshowexpo.com. Free for up to four people with advance registration. About 50 wedding professionals can show off the latest trends. Wedding Luxury For Less, 12-3 p.m. Feb. 21 at Columbus Center Banquets, 365 Surryse Road, No. 280, Lake Zurich. eventful.com/lakezurich/events/wedding-luxury-less-/E0-001-089295852-1. Hosted by Events with Style. If you are looking to maximize your wedding budget, this could be the way to start. Take a look at a selection of items such as wedding dresses, mother of the bride dresses, table decorations, silk handmade centerpieces and bouquets, table numbers and more. Bridal show, 5-10 p.m. Feb. 24 at Drury Lane Theatre, 100 Drury Lane, Villa Park. Bridalshowexpo.com. Free for up to four people with advance registration. Monte Durham from TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta” will co-host this bridal show, which includes 70 wedding professionals. Also, sample cake and check out the couture runway show. Carriage Greens Wedding Extravaganza, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Feb. 28 at the Carriage Greens Golf Club, 8700 Carriage Green Drive, Darien. eventbrite.com/e/carriage-greens-wedding-extravaganza-tickets-19998530142?aff=ebrowse. Free. It’s your chance to tour the grounds and banquet facilities of Carriage Greens Country Club while visiting more than 40 wedding vendors.

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Public Library Has Published Regulations Allowing It To Host Events Like Weddings And Nonprofit Galas Across Its 26locationsas A Way To Generate Revenue.

Libraries to Host Weddings and Private Events Posted by Andrew Giambrone on November 10, 2015 at 12:07 pm If you’ve ever fantasized about getting married surrounded by books, you’re in luck:The D.C. Public Library has published regulations allowing it to host events like weddings and nonprofit galas across its 26locationsas a way to generate revenue. Though the D.C. Council passed the bill governing this new approach in June, DCPL has only recently begun to advertise the program and structure specific revenue-generating activitiesaround it.Among them is a new passport office opening next week at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library at 901 G St. NW. The office,in collaboration with the U.S.State Department, will process passports for fees expected to produce around $200,000 a year, and will even operate on Saturdays,Jonathan Butler, DCPL’s chief business officer, says. Essentially, the broadly written regulations permit DCPL to rent out its space for different activities, including something like a cafe in the MLK library; the activities are only defined as those that “benefit the public [and] not need relate to library services.” “There was nothing that gave us the authority to do these types of things before,” Butler explains. “That was a pitfall for us. We wanted to be able to provide these service offerings, but legally couldn’t issue permits; there was and still is demand from the public to utilize [DCPL] spaces for special events, typically held after normal business hours.” Headds that local entertainers frequently approach DCPL inquiring about after-hours performances on library grounds. Now they will be able to host those activities, though Butler admits the library is still working out theprocess for rentals, such as whether it will need to establish an events-management arm within DCPL. Rental fees”will depend on the size of the space,” Butler says. “I can assure you it’d be a lot cheaper than renting space at the Convention Center or at a hotel.” In addition to MLK, peoplehave often asked about using Mount Pleasant, Georgetown, Northeast, and Francis A. Gregory libraries for events, DCPL spokespersonGeorge Williams says. Photo by Darrow Montgomery

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk/2015/11/10/d-c-libraries-to-host-weddings-and-private-events-as-revenue-generating-activity/

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